Sunday March 19th, do trang tri sinh nhat Casey Demons vs. phu kien sinh nhatPort Melbourne. More great signing news to finish off the week as we welcome 21yo xuong si ao thunkey position swingman @LachlanTrev21 cong ty thiet ke web chuyen nghiep from… More great signing xuong ao thun si news to finish off the tu vung tieng nhat theo chu deweek as we welcome 21yo swingman @LachlanTrev21 from…
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The Beginning Of A Revolution…..

Chaos doesn’t care about your prestigious degree.
Chaos cringes at your corner office. Chaos despises your 9-5 existence and detest your designer house in the burbs.
Chaos sees through your fancy car, laughs at your slick suits, scoffs at your plastic physique and mocks your ten-year plan.
Chaos runs from the “norm” and knows no direction.
Chaos is the infinite. Chaos is all-consuming possibility.
Chaos sings to the beat of a forbidden drum and dances on the dreams of those less bold.
The question is…
Do you know Chaos?
Harry Chaos. The Movement. The Life Worth Living. Join the Crew. Ignite your chaos. Wear your freedom!

Sean ‘Butta’ Anderson


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